Here at TISOO, we understand concerns raised about the use of tissue paper. This everyday household item is a necessity for many. Yet, it has increasingly been controversial for being responsible for destroying large forest areas across the globe. So we are introducing a more sustainable alternative: tree-free tissue paper made from bamboo, so trees can stay in the forests where they are needed most.


We are here to provide you with a more
sustainable alternative to regular tissues.
We do not cause deforestation as our
products are made with sustainably-sourced,
fast-growing, highly-renewable bamboo.
Our bamboo tissues are hypoallergenic,
gentle on the most sensitive skin, and safe
for allergy-prone individuals. They are also
pristine white for our comfort but chlorine-free for our earth. Moreover, we are proud to use zero-plastic packaging.


Stephannie and William founded TISOO by Wipe Without Worry in 2020 after noticing the struggle of buying tissue paper from the supermarket and the lack of tissue paper alternatives in the Indonesian market. They believe it is unnecessary:

to leave home for tissue paper, to cut trees to produce tissue paper, and to use plastic packaging to wrap tissue paper.

Therefore, they have created an alternative being 100% bamboo tissue paper, free from plastic packaging. Steph’s and Will’s mission is to become Indonesia’s leading supplier for eco-friendly cleaning products, and TISOO is where they chose to start the journey.

Established with environmental consciousness and a circular economy state of mind, TISOO is also committed to using its business as a social change vehicle. TISOO has heightened its conscious concept by allowing the plantation of trees in Indonesia with every purchase of a bundle (one bundle equals one tree). Find out more.

They are thrilled to introduce this game-changing tissue to Indonesia, one that is not made with trees but plant trees instead, one that comes without plastic packaging but wrapped in responsibly sourced FSC paper.

Stephannie has a background in public health (food and nutrition) and environmental studies (sustainability and development). William has a background in business (marketing and management) and information technology (cloud computing and security).