Why tree-free?

TISOO is tree-free to be the most resource-efficient we could be regarding the material we choose to produce our tissue paper. Made of 100% bamboo, classified as grass, TISOO has a lower material footprint than generic tissue paper from wood pulp. Responsible cultivation and harvest of bamboo also create positive socio-environmental impacts on the living conditions in the surrounding area where the bamboo grows. 

Is your toilet paper safe to flush?

TISOO tree-tree toilet paper is septic-safe certified, meaning it is safe to flush / flushable. This promise is with a note that only a considerable amount of toilet paper will be flushed at once.

Is TISOO compostable?

Yes, we are compostable 🙂

Our friend, Kebun Kumara, did a composting experiment on our products and packaging. Using a simple turning method with a pitchfork and bucket in their backyard, our tissue and packaging have fully composted in just over one month (39 days)*. You can check out the story here.

*tissue used in the experiment is unsoiled, and the packaging was broken into small pieces.

If you wish to home compost, please be mindful of how long it takes to biodegrade. Home composting in the backyard/garden may take longer for soiled tissue paper with oily residue, as oily substances may hinder the tissue’s natural composting ability. However, soiled tissue will biodegrade OK at composting facilities with a heating system.


What value do you hold as a company?

At TISOO, we believe in the value of kodawari in japanese, which means pursuing excellence and attention to detail in everything we do. From selecting the finest materials to crafting our products with care, we strive to deliver quality that surpasses expectations. This commitment to kodawari extends to our mission to create eco-friendly and sustainable solutions that positively impact the world. With TISOO, you can expect more than just a product but an experience reflecting our passion for excellence and responsibility.

How does ‘One Tree for Every Product Sold’ work?

We donate one tree to be planted in Indonesia for every bundle sold. We work with Lindungi Hutan Foundation in Indonesia to realise our tree planting initiative. Our reforestation projects in Indonesia currently are donating mangroves to Tambakrejo (Semarang), Kendal (Jawa Tengah), Desa Bedono (Demak) and Kampung Laut (Cilacap). Find out more.

Lindungi Hutan is a fundraising crowdsourcing platform and forest conservation movement that plants a tree in various regions in Indonesia. They also work with seed farmers and the local community to plant and care for the trees. Not only that, Lindungi Hutan periodically carry out tree maintenance for at least one year on the trees that we plant.

Are products manufactured sustainably?

We understand you might be concerned about our source of materials, energy, land and water use, + waste/wastewater generated from making our products. Worry not! We are here to offer a more sustainable solution to tree-based tissue paper in the market.

We work with an up-to-date FSC-certified supplier to ensure our products come from responsibly sourced and managed (bamboo) forests. The type of bamboo we use is called Neosinocalamus affinis, a common bamboo species abundantly available in nature for centuries. Our factory is ISO9001 and ISO14001 and scored A on their BSCI Protection of the Environment area audit report highlighting no detection of wastewater generated from the production process. The report also highlighted factory had established energy-saving procedures, and no obvious pollution was detected during on-site observation. The factory also has established energy-saving procedures.

Why bamboo and not wood?

The use of bamboo as an alternative material to wood has many sustainable aspects:

  • the short growth cycle
  • can grow in harsh conditions
  • doesn’t need replanting
  • improve financial conditions of farmers by utilisation of cultivable wasteland
  • helping in climate change mitigation by avoided deforestation, afforestation, and carbon sequestration
Why is the tissue white?

Our first range of tissue products is white to ease consumers’ switch from tree-based tissue (usually white, reflecting cleanliness) to our bamboo tissue. We realise pristine white bamboo tissue products with a chlorine-free bleaching method* that uses a small amount of energy and water and generates little waste compared to other bleaching methods.

*TCF-Hydrogen Peroxide 

Why are TISOO’s toilet paper and kitchen paper individually wrapped?

Our products are also individually wrapped to ensure the hygiene of each roll. We take pride in our decision to be plastic-free.

How to get your products individually? 

We only sell our products in bundles & packs online when you buy directly from us. You can get our products individually / per item from one of our stockists. Please find the list below.

How to get your products offline? 

You can get our products individually from our curated eco stores. Please find our certified stockists list below.

TISOO Stockists





How to Order? 

We currently have two warehouses in Indonesia, Bali and Jakarta.

What is the shipping time for purchases at the TISOO online store?

Please allow 1 – 3 business days (depending on the km distance from our warehouse) for your TISOO delivery.

How do I know when my order has been shipped if I am shopping for someone else and the order is shipped to a different address?

You will receive an email notification once your order has been sent and when your order arrives at the destination. If you have any questions whilst the order is still in shipment, you may contact us at

What if the order does not arrive within the estimated shipping time?

Delivery delays may occur due to events beyond our control, such as strikes, adverse weather conditions, riots or demonstrations and other events that we cannot anticipate. Delivery delays may also occur if no one is available at the destination address to receive the shipment or the address of the goods’ recipient has been changed since the order.

Our Customer Service team will contact you if there is a problem with the delivery and ensure that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

What will happen if I enter the wrong address or move from the address I entered earlier?

In this case, we cannot guarantee that the order will be delivered successfully. There is a possibility that the order will be returned, and additional shipping costs are required. If a shipment is not delivered and returned to us, our Customer Service team will contact you immediately. Please kindly ensure that you review all details before submitting your order with us.

Can I change my address?

As we process and ship all orders as soon as possible, we do not accept any address changes after placing your order. All address change requests will be reviewed as soon as possible, and if the order has not been submitted to our warehouse, we will process your cancellation if possible.

All emails regarding change of address must be titled ‘Change of Address’ in the email’s subject field. Please include your full name, order number and corrected shipping address in the email body, and we will do our best to update your details for you before your order shipped. Address change emails not titled in this manner will not be processed.

Can I add/remove a product or change the shipping method?

Once the order has been submitted, we cannot amend the type of shipping or change/add products to your order.



  1. Transactions on TISOO online store are made using the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
  2. Payment via bank transfer and credit card (Mastercard and VISA) are acceptable at our Site. 
  3. Order is final once payment is made, and it is always best to keep your proof of payment at all times.
  4. Please complete your payment within 24 hours after you have received your order confirmation. In the case of unreceived payment within 24 hours, our team member will contact you to confirm if you would like to cancel or still need more time to make your payment.

You will be emailed your invoice once your payment has been successfully processed. Please allow a maximum of 1 business day (24 hours) for us to do so.



TISOO’s main concern is customer satisfaction. We will accept returns and exchanges only if the two below conditions are met and can be proven:

  1. Goods were purchased from our website (
  2. If the goods are faulty and different from the product purchased on the website.

If these conditions are met, you can choose between a refund or an exchange (of the same value). To return a defective product (or you feel it is not as advertised), please email us at before returning the products, and we will work with you to resolve the issue. All shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of the customer.



We are committed to keeping secure the data you provide to us, and we will take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information from loss, misuse or alteration.

We use secure servers and industry-standard 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology to process your credit card and financial information. This system securely encrypts the credit card information you send from your computer to the server. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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