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Our impact as a brand starts with our commitment to always put people and the planet over profit. We commit to always:

  • responsibly source naturally-grown bamboo to make our products
  • be chlorine-free and plastic-free for our planet

We are committed to growing our brand into a scale that allows local production of bamboo tissue in Indonesia. We are also committed to always give back to nature by having tree planting as an integral part of our business model.

We also want to empower you to choose brands based on their climate commitments and empower brands to make their own climate commitments for a better future.

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. We are proud to have reforestation as our integral part of our business model. In addition to the environmental benefits of TISOO tree-free, plastic-free products, we have partnered up with lindungihutan.com to plant trees in Indonesia.
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Every TISOO bundle sold contributes to lindungi hutan to aid reforestation in Indonesia. Lindungi Hutan is a local nonprofit foundation dedicated to reforestation. Beside reforestation, they also raised awareness about the importance of trees, offer business like ours a sustainable solutions to give back something positive to the environtment. Find out more about them at lindungihutan.com
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